Kegworth Baptist Chapel about 1865
Kegworth Baptist Chapel about 1865

Baptists have met in Kegworth since 1752. The first chapel opened on 15th July 1755. The church re-formed in 1760 and has continued ever since.

Mr John Tarratt and Mr Nathaniel Pickering were co-ministers. They were joined by Mr John Wootten and Mr William Corah. Between 1800 and 1819 Mr Felkin was Pastor.

In 1815 it was felt that it was time to move the place of worship. A chapel was built on our present site at a cost of £450, this opened on Boxing Day 1815.

In 1824 Mr Butler becomes Pastor, followed by Mr Jones in 1827; Mr Wilder in 1830 and Mr Taylor in 1846. Rev T Yates was Pastor from  1863.

The Chapel was enlarged in 1863 and in 1866 the church held Jubilee Celebrations to mark the fiftieth birthday of the present building.

Rev Shepherd was Pastor from  1932 to 1943. In 1960 the church celebrated the Bi-centenary of the Baptist Church in Kegworth with Rev Sutton as Pastor.

Rev Colin White was Minister between 1986 and 2006.

Kegworth Baptist Church continues to be a witness in Kegworth. God has shown his glory over many years, and we look forward to the next step on this journey.

*Wanted – Photos, especially of previous Pastors of this church. If you can help please contact us*

A fuller transcript of the history can be viewed at the Kegworth Village website